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Cicer arietinum (chickpea)


Chickpea is a member of the galegoid (cool-season) legume clade. This annual grain legume crop is cultivated in both northern temperate regions (e.g. the north-west U.S. or south-central Canada), and in arid and semi-arid areas of the developing world. Chickpea is valuable as a highly versatile and nutritious pulse.

Of Special Interest

See the LIS chickpea browser, showing assembly 1.0 of the international chickpea genome sequencing consortium. Also see chickpea transcriptome assemblies and related resources on the LIS Medicago genome browser, transcriptome assemblies and resources at the Cool Season Food Legume Database, and chickpea research highlighted at KnowPulse.

NCBI taxon3827
GRIN taxon10535
Pollination typeSelf

Wikipedia entry

Genome Summary

Chromosomes2n = 2x = 16
Genome size~740 (Mbp)
Chloroplast genome size125 (kbp)
Chloroplast NCBI accession numberNC_011163


BAC library and clonesSee linked document to order clonesLinkout »
Transcriptome assemblyDescribed in Hiremath, Farmer, Cannon et al., 2011Linkout »
Transcriptome assemblyC. arietinum ICC4958; Desi; hybrid assembly of 454 and short-read sequences. 34,760 contigs. Source: http://www.nipgr.res.in/ctdb.html ; reference: Garg et al., 2011, DNA Res, 18, 53-63Linkout »
Transcriptome assemblyC. arietinum ICCV2; Kabuli ; hybrid assembly of 454 and short-read sequence data. 43,389 contigs. Linkout »
Transcriptome assemblyC. reticulatum PI489777; Wild ; assembly of 454 data with Newbler followed by TGICL; 37,265 contigs; Source: http://www.nipgr.res.in/ctdb.htmlLinkout »
Transcriptome assemblyC. arietinum ICC4958; short-read assembly of single and paired Illumina reads, using velvet and then oases; 53,409; source: http://www.nipgr.res.in/ctdb.htmlLinkout »
Unigene/EST assemblyESTs from NCBI, assembled to 14,486 unigenes (3,768 contigs + 10,718 singletons), using TGICL; assembly description: http://www.nipgr.res.in/ctdb.htmlLinkout »

Reference Data

Genome1.0 genome assembly and gene models (annotations), CDC Frontier genotypeICGGC/ICRISATDownload »
Transcript Assembly2.0 transcriptome assembly derived from multiple genotypesICRISAT/LISDownload »

Selected References

Current publications on Cicer arietinum at PubMed.

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